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Reed work including waxing, leathers, and tuning



Repair of metal corners, gussets, and tape

Rebuilding of treble and bass action and mechanisms including free bass



It seems I've always had a wrench from a very early age, starting on old Italian cars before I could drive.

Then I fell in love with accordions after seeing an old Italian film. I then found myself in Duluth putting my love of repair and accordions together and attended the Accordion Repair and Technicians School under the direction of Dr Helmi Harrington, graduating in 95'.

Fast forward to 99' and I found NE Mpls and the historic Thorpe Building. On a whim, my sister and I rented a studio there to make art. Life happened, and before long the art studio became the accordion repair shop. I've been there ever since, repairing accordions for clients locally and all across the country, giving lessons, and performing myself at weddings, birthdays, puppet shows, and other events for over 20 years.

Please let me know if I can help you.

If you want to catch me performing at a public event then stop by any of the following;

I'll be accompanying puppet shows with the Open Eye Theatre as part of their "Driveway Tour" playing backyards and parks throughout the twin Cities. The first show is Molly and the Magic Boot. Then we will be showing The Amazing Cowboat. They are very entertaining and funny shows with humor for all ages, and all free. Show length is about a half an hour. Go to the Open Eye Theatre website for times and locations.

On Saturday July 13th I'll be strolling around the St Kates Art Fair from noon to 4pm at the College of St Catherine

2004 Randolph ave St Paul

This is a really lovely Art Fair that I've had the pleasure of performing for for many years.



I have refurbished all accordions and concertinas listed. All are guaranteed for 2 years and come with quality straps and a hard case.

Hohner Camilo I LMM $1,500


Here is a lovely accordion made by Hohner in Germany. It is a midsize 120 bass accordion with a 17" keyboard. It is a 3/4 reed accordion in a very useful LMM configuration. It has the unusual construction of have a body made out of aluminum, rather than the traditional wood. This makes it lightweight and brightens up the sound. I've done extensive work on this one to make it function as it should. I've included various photos of it apart to show what I've done. I've re-waxed all the reeds and replaced leathers as needed. I rebuilt both the treble and bass action, replacing all padding, and adjusting perfectly. I then retuned the accordion to A440 with the sharp middle bank set to 20 cents sharp at the bottom of the range, progressively to 12 cents on the highest notes for a fairly wet tuning. The accordion does have a dent from a previous owner. It does not effect the playability, or sound at all, but I've reduced the price from what it would be to reflect this.

It is a great sounding and playing accordion in a lightweight, easy to handle package, at a great price.

Serena 12 bass LM $725


This is a very nice gently used Italian made 12 bass. It has a LM or low middle reed arrangement. It's unusually well made internally for a 12 bass. Work I've done includes disassembly and cleaning. I then replaced all reed wax and reed leathers as needed. I then retuned it to A442. Plays very well with smooth, quiet action and nice reeds and it's so pretty..

Titano Standard LMM $2,500


Here I have a beautiful and very clean Titano Standard. These models are mechanically very similar to the Titano Grand line, but in a LMM reed configuration. They have very nice hand finished reeds and the Titano split blocks that counteracts any tendency for warpage in the blocks. The keybaord size on this example is 18 5/8". It's very close to what's considered a full size keyboard.

I've done extensive work refurbishing this accordion. I disassembled and cleaned the bass machine, and the treble action. I replaced all treble pads with new and the attachment wax. It has a very fast, smooth, and quiet action. I rewaxed all the reeds and replaced the leathers as needed. I then retuned the accordion to A442 with the sharp middle tuned on the dry side. I tuned that reed set from about 5 cents sharp on the bottom end progressively to 4 cents sharp at the top of the range. The result is a lovely and subtle swing tuning.

Cajun style Hohner key of C $650


Get your Cajun music dreams started! Here is a nice starter Cajun one row. Tuned at A440. It is a LMMH reed arrangement. I replaced the reed wax with new and sorted a few minor issues. Plays really well. Nice action, decent reeds and excellent bellows compression.

Baldoni 72 bass LMM $2,600


This is a very nice Italian made Baldoni. It has some cosmetic damage from a previous owner. It is all peripheral though. The damage has been various scrapes and grill damage. The wood and mechanics are perfect. Work I've done to this includes replacing all the reed wax with new giving it a good cleaning. I then tuned the accordion to A440 with the sharp middle down from where it was to 12 cents sharp at the bottom to 7 cents at the top of the range. The result is a well balanced and light accordion with a sweet mellow sounding violin/musette.

Enrico Roselli LMM $1,900


This is an Italian made accordion from the 60s I'd say. It has smaller keyboard at 17 1/2". It has 3 reed sets in the right hand and 5 sets in the left in a LMM configuration. I've done extensive work on this instrument, including replacing the bellows with a new custom made Italian unit and replacing the bellows gaskets. Other work I've done includes a full rewax of all reeds and reed leathers as needed. I've rebuilt both the treble and bass action with new pallet padding and attachment wax. It has a new bass strap. I then retuned it to an accordion standard A442. The extra middle set of reeds was tuned flat of A442 from the factory rather than the more common sharp. I went with this while retuning. So the flat middle set is tuned to a very modest vibrato at 11 cents flat at the bottom of the range, progressively to 5 cents flat on the highest note. It is a very sweet sounding accordion. Stop by to try it out!

Titano Stroller LMH $2,900


Here is professional quality Titano Standard. It is a LMH reed configuration with a mid sized 17 3/4" keyboard. It features hand made reeds and the Titano split blocks for long term stability. It has a excellent action, powerful responsive reeds, and great balance. The work I've done includes rewaxing all reeds and releathering reeds as needed. I then went over the tuning and set it at A442. The keyboard action has also has been disassembled and cleaned and a new back pad installed. The name says it all. This instrument is a solid well built partner for the strolling accordionist who needs a responsive instrument to capture all the subtlety you instill in your music.

Baldoni 48 bass MM $2,200

Baldoni 48 bass MM
Baldoni 48 bass MM
Baldoni 48 bass MM

Here is a beautiful looking and playing Baldoni 48 bass Combo 1 model. It is a recently made Italian accordion. Nice action and reeds in a very lightweight package. I disassembled the treble action, cleaned, and leveled the keys. I rewaxed all the reeds and replaced the leathers that needed replacement. I then tuned it to A440 with the sharp middle set at 22 cents sharp at the bottom of the range progressively to 16 cents at the top. 

Castiglione Classic 96 bass LMMM $5,300

I have a beautiful Italian made Castiglione 96 bass accordion for sale. Built in 99'. It has wonderful hand made reeds, and a tone chamber on the treble side where the bassoon and dry clarinet banks reside.  This instrument also has an L shaped left hand bass block to add resonance to the bass reeds. It has a factory installed sennheiser microphone system. 

Work I've done includes rewaxing the reeds and replacing the leather valves that needed replacement. I disassembled the keyboard, cleaned, leveled the keys. I then went over the tuning. It is set at A442 with a very wet traditional French musette tuning. The dry middle is on pitch while the flat middle ranges from 24 cents at the bottom progressively to 9 cents flat at the top, while the sharp bank ranges from 26 cents sharp at the bottom to 12 cents sharp at the top of the range. If you're looking for a real French musette sound, this is it!



1618 Central Ave. NE, Suite 21

Minneapolis MN

Tel: 612-239-5589


By appointment only - please call.

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