Castiglione Classic

96 bass LMMM

$4,200 -Sold

  This is a really wonderful instrument. It is a Castiglione from the late 90's. It had uprated hand made reeds and a sennheiser mic system installed at the factory. It also has a double tone chamber. The bassoon and dry clarinet reeds are in the chamber. It also has the L shaped bass block for added resonance of the lowest set of reeds.

  I replaced all the reed wax with new and replaced the few leathers that needed replacement. I took the treble action apart to clean and adjust. I then regulated all the tuning. It is tuned to A-442. The flat middle is tuned to 24 cents flat at the lower end progressively to 9 cents at the top. The sharp middle is at 26 cents at the bottom to 12 cents sharp at the top. This brings it to a very nice, even, and authentic French Musette tuning. 

The sound is fabulous. The action is light, quiet, and fast. And then if you want to amplify yourself it has the high end, factory installed system.