Francini full size

4/5 reed


  Up for sale is a very nice Francini full size accordion . It is a 4/5 reed in the LMMH reed configuration. It is unusual in that it is tuned to A-440. It Also has a lower than the standard bass and goes down to a low A. This is also a light accordion for a full size 4/5 reed at 24lbs.

  The work I did includes rebuilding the treble keyboard with all new padding and new felt attachments to the key rods. It has an unusual attachment design that helps to make it a very quiet key action.

  I also rebuilt the bass action with all new padding and new attachment wax and cleaned the bass machine. I then replaced the back pad with a high quality velour pad and replaced the bass strap with new.

  I replaced all the reed wax and the majority of the reed leathers with proper Italian leathers. 

  I then tuned it to A-440. The sharp middle bank I tuned to a light musette. It is set at 11 cents sharp at the bottom working progressively to 9 cents sharp at the top of the range. 

  All this results in a very pleasant instrument to play with fast light action and a lovely sound.

  I have included a few photos of some of the work done.