Francini MM 48 bass

$1,200 -Sold

  For sale I have a very nice 48 bass Italian made Francini accordion. The left hand has the counter bass, bass, major, and minor chords. It has a dry tuned double middle set of reeds in the treble side. It is a 2/4 reed instrument.

  The work I've done includes replacing all the reed wax and leathers with new. I cleaned and rebuilt the treble and bass section action with all new pads. I lowered the treble action from stock. It is a quiet and fast. I replaced 1 1/2 sides bellows tape with new and replaced the bellows gaskets. This accordion features an internal bellows closure device. When I got it all together I tuned it to A-440 and the sharp middle to a dry 2 cents sharp. It could be described as a very conservative swing tuning. 

  I see this accordion as a great instrument for Irish session music. It has a lovely dry tone, fast action, is tuned at A-440, and it is very light and easy to manage.