Frontalini 12 bass MM

$650 -SOLD

Here is a lovely little accordion. It is an Italian made 12 bass likely from the 60's. This has the middle middle or MM treble reed arrangement. 

I have done extensive work on this including replacing all the reed wax with new and most of the reed leathers. I rebuilt bother the treble and bass sections using new pads and new attaching wax. I replaced the bass strap with new. I lowered the keyboard beyond the factory setting. It is unusually quite and fast for a 12 bass.

I then retuned the accordion to A-440 with the sharp middle reed set going from 14 cents sharp at the bottom to 12 cents at the top . It has a beautiful mild musette tuning now. Being at A-440 and with the treble action being so quiet this accordion would do well in a band both in live performances and in recordings.