Galanti 3/5 reed LMH w/tone chamber

$1,900 -SOLD

   This is a wonderful playing 120 bass Galanti accordion. It has hand made reeds with the low bassoon set in a tone chamber.  This gives it a lovely warm tone. It has a very effective grill mute to further warm the tone when desired and to give added tone variation. It's a very nice jazz accordion. It has unusually good action and a generous 19 3/8" keyboard size. It also has a well padded bass strap and bellows back pad.

   I replaced the treble valve padding with new. It is quiet, fast, even, and very smooth. I replaced all the reed wax with new and leather valves as needed. I then tuned the accordion to A-442. The bellows had been replaced by a previous owner. It is in nice shape.

   This is a very nice playing instrument. It does have some cosmetic issues from use. The price reflects this.