Italian 120 bass LMM


  This is a lovely Italian made 3/4 reed accordion with an LMM configuration. It has a lovely musette tuned double middle in a 17" keyboard size.

  I have done alot of work refurbishing this one.

  The first thing I did was to replace the bellows. It has a quality custom made Italian bellows straight from Castelfidardo.

  Other work includes rebuilt bass and treble action with new padding and attachment wax throughout.  

  I replaced all reed wax and reed leathers with new. 

  I then retuned the accordion to A=440 with the sharp middle set to 18 cents sharp at the bottom to 12 cents at the top. 

  It would be a great accordion for a band when you want to be in tune with the other instruments. It has a very sweet sound and blends well, yet the double middle allows it to stand out when desired.