Monterrey by Italo American              72 bass LMM


   Up for sale I have a lovely Italian made Monterrey 72 bass piano accordion. Monterrey was a line made by Italo American. This particular accordion has seen almost no use. It is basically new. There is really no wear at all.

   That said, I did do some work for the sake on longevity. The reed wax was getting a little stiff from sitting so I removed all the reeds from the blocks and re-waxed them all with new reed wax. I then went over the tuning. Nothing was far off but I fine tuned it. It is at A440 with the sharp middle tuned at 21 cents sharp at the bottom of the range, progressively to 18 cents sharp at the top. It has a lovely, rich musette sound now to the wet middle and the rest of the reeds are spot on A440.

   This is a very well made instrument. The action is light, fast, and quiet. The reeds are responsive and powerful. The compression is absolutely air tight. It's a wonderful instrument to play. It comes with a like new back pad and high quality shoulder straps and hard case. And of course, my 2 year guarantee.