Scandalli MM $1,100 SOLD

 This is a very unusual accordion. It is a Scandalli 2/4 reed 120 bass accordion. It is unusual in that instead of the usual LM reed configuration in the treble it is a MM. It has a smaller 17" keyboard. This makes for an unusually light accordion for strolling and playing German or French music with all the left notes you may need. I have refurbished/ restored the accordion myself. I replaced 3 sides of bellows tape. I rebuilt the treble side action with all new padding. It is light, even, and fast. I rebuilt the bass machine with all new pads and replaced all the rubber o rings that this style of machine use with synthetic. It should last many decades. This bass machine goes a little deeper in regards to the reeds as most accordions. This is a nice feature. I replaced all the reed wax and reed leathers with new and re-tuned them to an accordion standard A-442. I tuned the sharp middle reed set to a fairly strong but still pleasant musette. The accordion plays very well. It is well balanced, fast, and light.