Silvertone 12 bass MM

   Up for sale I have a lovely little Italian made 12 bass accordion. 

   Silvertone was the Sears line sold out of their catalogs long before computers. The accordions they sold were usually made by Francini in Italy. This is one of those examples. 

   It has a 2 reed right hand section in the MM or middle middle configuration. 

   The work I did includes all new reed wax and leathers with proper Italian leather reed valves. I rebuilt the treble and bass section action and replaced the pads as well as attachment wax. I replaced both bellows gaskets with new and the vinyl tape that needed replacing. I replaced the bass strap with new. I then tuned the accordion to A442 with a pleasant light musette style tuning.

   As a result the accordion plays beautifully, with quiet action, and a nice clear tone.

   Comes with good quality shoulder straps and a good hard case. 


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