Titano Stroller 17 5/8"

$2,500 -SOLD

  Up for sale I have a professional level Titano Stroller. It is a 3/5 reed and has the LMH configuration.

  It has a smaller keyboard size than full size. It is perfect for someone with smaller hands or someone with larger hands able to adapt. The smaller size allows for the lighter instrument, hence the name, to be a little lighter and easier to manage for strolling gigs.

  This accordion has the Titano split blocks to counteract any possibility of block warpage combined with high end hand made reeds. The strollers use the same reeds as the Virtuoso model. The action is first class and the response and balance, perfect. 

  As far as the work I've done, I've replaced bellows tape where needed and relined the back pad. I've replaced the bass strap with new. I've re-waxed all reeds and replaced leathers as needed. I've taken both the treble and bass action apart, cleaned, and adjusted it. I then retuned the accordion to A-442 dry tuned.

  This is a fabulous instrument ready for years of trouble free service. Come and try it out.


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